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What Does Pando Mean?

Our name comes from the Pando Tree. Just as we are interconnected by social media, the Pando Tree is a single organism connected by one root system, which stretches 106 acres! 

Develop Cohesive Brands

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Hi! I’m Kerri Glenn, the founder of Pando Social Media Management.

Like many dreams, Pando didn’t start with the conception of this business, but rather the years of my life leading up to this point. I grew up on a small farm outside of Omaha, Nebraska, where my parents encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit by allowing me, and my siblings, to start our own “companies”. This experience taught me strong business principles, hard work and dedication.

Following high-school graduation I attended Louisiana State University, where I majored in Design and minored in Business Administration. I graduated in three years and took an intern position managing the website for the New York company, Dress for the Day. My life travels and career path then took me to Houston, Texas, where I simultaneously worked for blogger BethieLife, and Page Parkes Texas, the largest modeling and acting agency in the South. At Page Parkes, I held positions as both a TV and Film Agent and Social Media Manager.

After years of managing social media for the agency, I realized there was a great need for independent social media managers, and Pando was born! Our clientele recognizes the need and importance behind social media. They realize the consumer is turning more and more towards online reviews and hashtags to determine where they shop, eat, and travel. Pando clients want an expert to establish and manage their social media profiles, so they can focus on other areas of their business.

At Pando, we are here to reach your clients for you!

Pando's founder, Kerri Glenn

Kerri Glenn


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